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9 Ways to increase your email click through rate

9 Ways to increase your email click through rate

Success with email is a bit like learning how to pick up guys/girls at a club.


The first thing you have to do is get into the club. You’ve got to dress the part and make it past the bouncers (the spam filter). The second thing is you need to engage the person you want in conversation (get them to open your email). The final part of the equation is you want to make yourself attractive and engaging enough that you leave the club together (get them to click).


If you want to become a Don Juan of the email world, what can you do? How do you increase your chances of creating that chemistry and getting the click through you desire?

1.  A/B test every email campaign

Every ‘no’ is a step closer to finding the ‘yes’. The exact factors that influence your list to click can be unpredictable. Split testing your emails to see what effect little tweaks have can help you to improve your click through rate over time. Every email campaign you send out is a chance to learn. Do longer emails work better? More images or less images? Where to put the links? There are numerous little questions you can ask to perfect your emails and their click through rate.


2.  Segment your list to allow more targeted campaigns


Demographics, interests, location, interaction history. There is a lot of ways that you can segment your list. Make the most of this and try to send emails targeted to the different groups on your list. If you can get this right and start hitting the sweet spot of people’s needs then you should see a good increase in the amount of clicks you are getting from your emails.


3.  Is your content relevant and personal?

Knowing your subscriber is important. If you can send them stuff that is relevant and personal then it makes them feel valued. People love to feel valued. Being personal means more than simply using their name (although it can help); it means using knowledge of their interests and historical interactions to personalise content. Sending them news or information of products that you know they are interested in and likely to appreciate. Showing they are more than simply another subscriber in a huge list.


4. Offer multiple links to click           

A lot of emails make the mistake of putting one link at the top or bottom and that is it. However, if you just have a link at the bottom, what if they are in a rush and don’t make it that far? If you just put a link at the top, what happens after they read through all your content and there is no call to action or link to click? Make sure there are multiple opportunities within your email for the subscriber to get to your site.


5. Remove any unnecessary clothing

Clean and simple is the way forward. When you start playing around with HTML emails you can get lost as to what the aim of the email really is. You want to limit distractions and anything that will draw the reader away from your calls to action and the links that you want them to click. Make sure they know what they need to do and the link is clear.


6. Include clear calls to action and a sense of urgency

Sometimes your subscribers can be pretty dumb, if you don’t tell them what to do and to do it now then they won’t! Make sure you include calls to action to get them to click for a special discount or to buy a special report… and limit the time the offer is available to create urgency. If you aren’t doing this already then you can get prepared for a big jump in click throughs from your mailings.


7. Add in a social element

A 2013 report by GetResponse has shown that having a social sharing option in your email can help attain click through rates higher by 158% on average. Some of the difference may simply be that those emails that do include the option are of higher quality, but you can’t get away from the fact that people like to share. Additionally when you include an option to share you are showing that you truly believe in the value of the email and offer or information you have sent.


8. Create curiosity

There is nothing like the power of curiosity to make people want to know more. Like the cliffhanger at the end of a TV episode, if you can get their interest but leave a big unknown, then you can vastly improve the effect of your calls to action and links. Get them thinking, “I have to know the answer!”


9. P.S. Don’t forget the P.S.

It started out life in the direct sales letter and the P.S. has shown to have just as much impact with email marketing as well. It can be used in a variety of ways; to help create urgency, to recap the key benefits and provide a link, or to act in a way that it adds extra value to the whole message or offer. It is far more than just an extra line at the bottom, often it can make the whole email (and also get everyone clicking). When you create your email you want the headline, you want the body, and finally you always want to have the P.S.


Put all of this into your email marketing campaigns and you will be well on the way to getting some action in the world of email campaigns. Try just a few of the ideas and tell us whether your click through rates increased or not.


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